Long Time No Post

I thought I should put up some new stuff, I know its been a long long time overdue. It hasn't been due to lack of new work but in fact most stuff I had been putting up here was personal stuff and explorations. I have had little time for this kind of work lately because I have actual commissions to do, which is great but they don't want them posted willy-nilly online so oh well! I have been able to do some more personal work and I am gonna share a backlog of the best of it now, I know you can hardly wait !This is a painting of Ben Nevis in Scotland, there is a bit of a bad glare on the left side and I need to have this one rephotographed which I will be doing with a big group of new oil paintings soon so keep on checking back.This is another oil painting of Tilden park outside Berkeley Ca, one of my favorite places to go when I lived out in San Fran.Another Oil this one is a small study of a goose that I think turned out pretty well.

This is actually an acrylic painting of a "Civil War" bridge near by, I did this one in the winter which explains all the orange colored leaves. I actually haven't done much acrylic since this one and have really been enjoying using oils in my portrait and landscape work(other than the horrible smell).

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  1. Tilden makes my heart skip a beat - I miss it so! Love the goose - it's so effortless! Beautiful. Hope you're well!