This concept started from wanting to do an online avatar for myself. I spent more time on it than I should but originally he had a whole body with squid like arms but it felt too symmetrical and I felt the interest in the face was lost so I cropped it in. I used another persons brushes for the background elements.

Self Portrait

This is a new self portrait I did mainly to play around with the brushes in Painter more. I am finding I like the digital painting more if I use a looser and wider variety of the options. Before I had just been using one or two that I had found that fit my style. I did this copying a photograph closely which I don't normally like to do but I know the end result is better.

Space Dwarf

I am finally somewhat happy with some new concept art. I have a bunch I am working on but trying to really get some more refined stuff to post completed. This was just an idea I had for a dwarf soldier with a space setting. I should probably redo the gun he is holding but I think I would rather move on to some other things.

St Andrews Boats and Cathedral

This is my most complicated watercolor yet and took me three times as long as the others. It started out with me just wanting to paint the amazing old red boat docked in the harbor then I thought instead of inventing what the side looks like I should include the other boats. I drew it pretty tightly in pencil first then came back with the watercolor. If anything its too structured and perfect and it feels a little dead, otherwise I really enjoy this one. It is a great view with the cathedral ruins in the distance and the old city wall. Where the green shed is in real life there is an ugly ice cream shop that I replaced with this fishing building from another location.

St. Andrews Tide Out

This is another watercolor near the painting below. I got here at a good time when the tide was out and the boats were grounded. This scene has a great amount of interest and subjects from the foreground to the distance. To the right is the old city walls which I painted purplish red sort of on accident but I liked the result. The photo of this one is a tad washed out and I should shoot it again its closer in saturation to the painting below.

St. Andrews Pier

This is another of my new on location watercolors. I think I am getting better each painting with the medium and I enjoy sitting outside on the nice summer days and painting. I had some people ask me why I included the truck and trailer in the bottom left and its because I wanted to add some life to it. The distant shore could have more atmospheric perspective. I think these sea scenes are my favorite to do right now.

St Andrews Castle

This is another watercolor of the castle ruins by the sea in St. Andrews. I love the views here by the sea and I have a couple more paintings to finish up from around the same area. The cathedral below is actually right to the left of this view. Its pretty rare that you can see the land on the other side of the water so you can tell it was a nice summer day.