This is my latest drawing from life. It is the ruined cathedral here and it has been done many times before. I wanted to do another watercolor but after spending so much time on the pencil I am hesitant to move on with it. I am working on painting it digitally now and I will see how it looks. I really like it so far and I had fun drawing every stone.


This is my second watercolor landscape I did and I think I did a better job with the watercolors, but I miss my acrylics. This is on the walk into St. Andrews by the stream, the best commute in the world, except when it rains.


This is what I call a "fix-it-bot" A general all around helper who can repair and upgrade other robots and androids in Metropolis. There is no person inside the head area but a helpful touch screen for user interface purposes, fix-it's also respond to voice commands like any modern machine.

Bounty Hunters

This is the first bounty hunter I did for the Metropolis project I am working on for Wondaland Arts Society. Since this is also my first post I will save some of the details about the actual project for later. I imagine this robot as a ruthless killing machine powered by the blue liquid I like to use for many of my creations. I think maybe it has too much of a "terminator" or "IG-88" look but it is a good starting point.