Dragun Soldier

Another quick painting about 3 hours using some of the new texture and brush painting stuff I learned about from the last image. This time I used just a tiny bit of Painter. I should redo the gun and clean it up a bit and I think it might be a good enough piece for the portfolio.

The Controller

I was looking at some work that I liked and ended up watching a tutorial from Dave Rapoza (www.DaveRapoza.com) of an amazing painting that he did in two hours so I thought I would use some of his tips and do one of my own. While not as good as his I think I have discovered (by which I mean learned) some great ways to paint with texture in photoshop. I had been feeling my stuff needed a boost and this maybe the way forward.


This is some Dr. Who fan art of the cyberman done for a friend. I do not own the rights to this character it is property of BBC. Done in painter for some metal practice and love doing some robots.

The broken Stile

The light for this painting was excellent with the well lit middle ground. I tried to rush a bit to capture it and maybe its not as well done as the scene deserved. However, I like the final result and its one of my favorites so far. There may have been too many layers here for an on site watercolor and I would like to do this one again in acrylic or oil perhaps with more focus on the fallen tree.

Orc Face

I wanted to do a monster portrait so this is an Orcish face that I think I might use to replace my self portrait. I wanted it to be pretty fast just using some photo-reference but I ended up spending more time on it than the result is possibly worth. But I think its OK for now.


This is a painting I did trying to be more loose and painterly with my figures and it turned out pretty well. I had done sort of the top part as a drawing a few years ago and just painted over it and added some legs. He is a near future US soldier.

The Yellow Tree

I really like how this painting turned out. I was looking to do some nice fall colors and found this great tree where all the leaves were bright yellow. The interesting part was all the leaves on the left had fallen off but most of the ones on the right were still on. Then all the leaves on the ground make for a nice balance with the tree. I originally did the sky blue although there was a building behind the tree and I later added it back in and I like the result.

New Zombie King

New Zombie Robot King. Better watch out at night. I wanted this to just be a quick zombie painting but ended up spending more time on it than I had wanted. I was trying to keep it more painterly than trying to worry about every detail that tends to kill some paintings. Dont know if it worked as well as I had hoped.


These are my submissions for the Hurakan over at Art Order. He is the mayan god of storms for a book cover competition.

Nellie Tribute

This is a painting I had wanted to do for a while but never got around to it so I thought it would be fitting to do it today for Nellie.

The Path and The Field

This painting is called "the path" the dark bit is the trail leading down to a tree which has partially fallen over. I used some of the unfinished looser approach like "the trees" painting and I am pretty happy with the result. It got a bit too cold to finish all the detail I would have like in the foreground but I think I am going to leave it alone. I think this is a good view because it has the old dark foreground light middle ground approach that works so well in landscapes.

This is a nice field with distant views and bails of hay that had some great shadows on them. I wanted to keep it loose and I like the final result even though its unfinished. I think I am going to try to paint over it to do a final digital landscape that fits more with my Illustration style.

The Tyrants Claw

Soon the fleets of the Holm empire will tremble in fear of the coming destruction. It was really fun to just to a space ship design and even though its not really something I have done before as an Illustration its what I usually do with legos so it seems like a natural progression. I think it turned out pretty well and I am gonna use it on my webpage. Thanks to Johannes for the inspiration!

The Trees

I re-photographed this painting and re-uploaded it to get a better idea of what it really looks like. This painting is a bit of a style change where I wanted to show some of the painting as left unfinished. I did a bit more drawing with the brush and putting background elements really far into atmospheric perspective. I am going to do a few more like this and see how they turn out but so far I really like it. It goes a little faster and looks more "painterly".

New Wepage

This is just general news but after some serious work I have redone my webpage with new layouts and artwork, vast improvements are to be found ! ZAMPOLART.COM Check it out and feel free to email me with comments or suggestions.

The Garden

Havent done a new watercolor in a while because of some other projects but I think this one turned out really nice. It is by far my favorite yet however the picture still looks washed out but its better. This one took me about three days of attacks by midges to complete. It was a good practice because of the variety of trees and depth of field involved also the colors starting to turn for fall helps to separate the different trees.