The Gateway

For this painting I wanted to start using inking and watercolor again so I wanted to show the progression from the pencil sketch to the ink version to the final image. It would have been nice to maybe just ink the whole thing but I was afraid that the trees would become too dark and I was thinking they would sit back more if the in was only in the foreground gateway. The crow actually landed on the ruins I was using as reference for this image so that was a good sign to include him.


Thats right Dragons with Guns. I thought of this while doing another dragon and I mistyped it dragun. I really like it it turned out pretty good for what started as just wanting to do a quick drawing of an idea I had.

Bridge Final

This is the finished bridge painting its really one of my favorites despite being on a new type of paper. Once again I think the photograph is not doing it justice.

Death Knight

I decided that I wanted to do some fantasy paintings this one is of a Death Knight. I started with a pretty bad drawing that I almost gave up on that was just of a head then kept going keeping the painting loose and I think it turned out pretty well.

RatMan Final

This is the finale RatMan painting. From the earlier version I obviously cropped it in mainly because I wanted to focus on the face and forward arm which I think have the most interest. I also played around more with making this one more like an Illustration rather than just a figure rendered out which I think is working much better for me and what I really love to do. I imagine him as some sort of magical rat man hybrid who escaped and is running rampant through the woods. He had a tail at some point and maybe I should add it back in again.


New watercolor ! I think this one is one of the best so far although the photograph still isnt quite right I know I have heard before that yellows show up weird on photos but you can really see it here. I think I enjoy doing trees and buildings more than sea scapes now and below is the next one WIP of a bridge that I think will turn out pretty good if I ever get another sunny day...

Castle Sands

.A new watercolor from the Castle Sands. This is a great beach by the castle with lots of old stone work walls to stop erosion on the cliffs. I had to go to this location 4 times to finish this painting due to the weather pretending to be beautiful then when I had gotten set up it proceeding to rain on me from no where.

RatMan WIP

I don't usually like to show things I am not finished with but I wanted to show some Work In Progress. This is an evil Rat Man who will live in my upcoming fantasy world and hunts people from underground. I will show the finished work soon !

Your Boned !

This concept was inspired by a trip to the natural history museum where I saw some really cool fish skeletons. The mouth of sting-ray is really unusual. I wanted to make some sort of monster image and thought it would be cool to do a monster made of bones but not like a skeleton or other things I had seen before.