Merry x-mas!

Better be good its Krampus !



Bug Monster

This one started as a idyllic farm scene then look what happened !! Better run not that it will do much good. Sort of a work in progress that I am tired of working on and gonna call finished for the time being.

Space Elephant

Well due to my thumb I am having strange sleeping patterns and stayed up working on this guy. It started as a sketch like 6 years ago and I colored in maybe 3 years later and thought it was OK but I think my standards have really improved so I worked on it a bit more and its getting closer to how I want it to be. Still a great concept overall I think. Elephants never forget... to KILL.

Hurakan Final

My final book cover at Art Order Its not as good as I had hoped due to this gross huh


Its been a while since I posted due to upheaval and new opportunities. Here is my first new watercolor in a while of the local Court House that will be for sale in my new Gallery !! I will also be teaching a workshop there on digital painting more info on that soon. I have some really good Illustrations I am working on but due to other things haven't quite got them finished.