New Landscape Page

Hello my thousands of thronging fans I have made a new
to show and sell my work in that area and its part of my new web portal. I did all the coding and design my self so let me know what you think ! or if the formatting messes up in your browser etc.. Also here are some new pieces, one is a location painting I did near my house and another is a private commission which is huge and the largest painting outside of murals that I have done.

Art In Hand Cards

Check out my art for the Washington DC Art In Hand card deck at :

also check back soon for my new portraiture page and web portal !

New Sub-site and ART PRINTS

I have created a new web-page dedicated soley to my work in the field of Scientific Illustration ! Please check it out and send any comments my way. This is a new crab drawing I did for the opening piece and I like the way it turned out but I do love crabs more than most people.


Also check out my prints for sale on ImageKind at


WoodleyPark Fall

I know its no longer fall but I am finally posting some paintings I did this fall around my new home in Washington DC. This is an oil painting I did outside which is unusual for me because I usually just do watercolors on location but I think it turned out well and is something I want to do more of in the future.

Magazine Cover

An Illustration I did along time ago has been used for the cover of a literary collection called ResAliens and also includes a copy of an interview I did a few months ago so you should all buy it !